Friday, October 27, 2006

it's slow-going in stoleland, but i am done repeat 23. that's something. only 57 more to do. eek.
haven't started even a swatch for the sweater, i will, though, really! i wish i had more time to sit and knit, but no luck. busybusy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i got 10 skeins of knitpicks' wool of the andes in pumpkin today. and it snowed. the stole might just be put off until spring. lord. and i started it in february. gotta love wips.
i wish i had more time to just sit and knit, but i really don't, at this point. school and work and life, darnit.
i will finish the stole, i will, i will.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

so i am 17 pattern repeats into the total 80 of what will become the edging, and it is working fantastically. it is going to look like a long messy rope at the end, but being nearly 1/4 of the way done is always nice. i haven't quite figured out how i am going to block it and graft it on, but i figure i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. anyway, yay, for the end being mostly in sight. it'll still be at least a month or two though, if i'm realistic.
now, to start the kors aran tee from last year's vogue knitting holiday issue or not...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

stole update: after fighting a couple of times with knitting the edging on a la the pattern, i have relented and decided to do it separately, and then graft it on. so. i figure i can do a strip of it 80 repeats long (omfg) and then attach it as i remove the body from the needles. but the corners are stumping me. what are they going to look like? mmm. we shall see.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

hello, moppets!
i decided that msn space was eating all of my style (or attempts at it) and wow, has blogger gotten so much easier than the first time i used it, eons ago? yes, it has.
anyway. to get started on the right foot, current knit news: i have grafted together the two centre panels of
eunny's print o' the wave stole:

seen here stretched unevenly across the back of my sofa

so that is pretty exciting. i made one halfhearted and frustrated attempt at beginning to knit on the edging, and let me tell you. it is going to take coffee, mellow music and the bright light of day (as opposed to the food network and 11:30pm after a long day) for me to do that properly. it is resting in its ziploc for another day.

anyway, it is late and this is pretty good for the inaugural post. eventually i'll bring over my completed stuff pictures, and all that loveliness. cheers, and goodnight.

aha, a flickr slideshow of past work! see the sidepanel. funtimes.