Monday, February 02, 2009

undetermined work in progress

so, i'm knitting this... thing for class. i'm not really sure what it is going to be, yet, only that i want a finished object with a narrative of the changing of winter into spring. probably a shawl or wall-hanging type finished object. so look what came in the mail today! everything is so beautiful, i want to get started right away, but i have a bigger, more essential thing due tomorrow that i am woefully behind on. why can't everything be knitting?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

hm. 2 years since last post. i finished the lace shawl? like. just before christmas? wow, it really did take about 2 years. it's beautiful, though, see? the thing is about 6 feet long, it's pretty ridiculous.

i also knit the michael kors aran tee from vogue knitting holiday '05. 05? i think so. i'm pretty sure i started it in 07 though. but still. here that is!

(pretty accurate colour, but more pumpkin-y) while blocking.
i have been knitting, but mainly not for me, for new babies, which is totally exciting, but i really don't need to do another baby blanket again, ever. i will dig through photos and see what i can put up.

ah ha! mass upload to flickr. here's what i've been up to, as far as i remember...

baby blanket for the niece (who was still a peanut at the time, and possibly a nephew instead)

a teddy for the same peanut, in time for christmas (t-2 months)

a blanket for my sister's niece ... the cousin to my niece, and born only 2 weeks after she was.

turns out baby shrugs are pretty useless except for doll clothes when in 0-3, as new mama was not really willing to stuff babygirl's arms into these sleeves. pretty cute though, and i haev a request for a 18mo size.

this one was for a boy, ben (thus the B), my sister's friend's baby. (see what i mean about blanket overload?)

and i think i posted these guys earlier, but they are too cute, and i forgot all about them. they were a birthday present for my sister. i sense a pattern. i am actually going to start making more things for me, i think.
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