Saturday, June 17, 2006

hello, moppets!
i decided that msn space was eating all of my style (or attempts at it) and wow, has blogger gotten so much easier than the first time i used it, eons ago? yes, it has.
anyway. to get started on the right foot, current knit news: i have grafted together the two centre panels of
eunny's print o' the wave stole:

seen here stretched unevenly across the back of my sofa

so that is pretty exciting. i made one halfhearted and frustrated attempt at beginning to knit on the edging, and let me tell you. it is going to take coffee, mellow music and the bright light of day (as opposed to the food network and 11:30pm after a long day) for me to do that properly. it is resting in its ziploc for another day.

anyway, it is late and this is pretty good for the inaugural post. eventually i'll bring over my completed stuff pictures, and all that loveliness. cheers, and goodnight.

aha, a flickr slideshow of past work! see the sidepanel. funtimes.