Sunday, February 01, 2009

hm. 2 years since last post. i finished the lace shawl? like. just before christmas? wow, it really did take about 2 years. it's beautiful, though, see? the thing is about 6 feet long, it's pretty ridiculous.

i also knit the michael kors aran tee from vogue knitting holiday '05. 05? i think so. i'm pretty sure i started it in 07 though. but still. here that is!

(pretty accurate colour, but more pumpkin-y) while blocking.
i have been knitting, but mainly not for me, for new babies, which is totally exciting, but i really don't need to do another baby blanket again, ever. i will dig through photos and see what i can put up.

ah ha! mass upload to flickr. here's what i've been up to, as far as i remember...

baby blanket for the niece (who was still a peanut at the time, and possibly a nephew instead)

a teddy for the same peanut, in time for christmas (t-2 months)

a blanket for my sister's niece ... the cousin to my niece, and born only 2 weeks after she was.

turns out baby shrugs are pretty useless except for doll clothes when in 0-3, as new mama was not really willing to stuff babygirl's arms into these sleeves. pretty cute though, and i haev a request for a 18mo size.

this one was for a boy, ben (thus the B), my sister's friend's baby. (see what i mean about blanket overload?)

and i think i posted these guys earlier, but they are too cute, and i forgot all about them. they were a birthday present for my sister. i sense a pattern. i am actually going to start making more things for me, i think.
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Drea said...

amazing! I wish I could knit. I don't think I have the patience though. I lke things I can finish in a week or so. :P

I love the baby blanket with the ribbon weaved through it.

karen said...

maybe you'd be an excellent sock knitter! scarves and hats and gloves are all pretty quick projects, too.

thanks for the compliment, the pink blanket was one of my favourites, too. the warn was a silk/cotton blend i splurged on, and i figured it could use something special. the momma it went to is a knitter, too, so i knew she'd be able to handle any baby-related shenanigans with the ribbon. (or just take it out for now, i suppose)